2019 Retrospectives

La Fabbrica

Pierre Salvadori

Since his first feature Cible émouvante to the recent The Trouble With You, Pierre Salvadori occupies a singular place within French cinema. His sophisticated comedies mixes zany and melancholic atmospheres, lonely and crazy characters, revealing their existential crisis. 

Pierre Salvadori will be presenting his films alongside some of his artistic collaborators to discuss the various aspects of his work.

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La Transversale


Emblematic movement, the hunt — or the escape, depending on the stand point — is a genre in itself, a deeply cinematographic motif and a possible metaphor of our societies. With this « Transversale » program, the festival proposes in about twenty films a subjective anthology of manhunts.

In the presence of Abel Ferrara, Peter Fleischmann, Jean-Luc Bideau…

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Algeria, today

A study of the recent and rich Algerian contemporary films' production, in the presence of the creators of this deep renewal. The films screenings will be extended by a round-table discussion to understand the new representation issues at stake in Algeria.

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Cinema and History

Beyond the wall: east-German cinema

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, an exploration of east-german cinema through 6 feature films produced by the DEFA (Deutsche Film AG). From the great anti-Nazi film The Murderers Are Amoung Us by Wolfgang Staudte, shot after WWII in Berlin’s ruins, to the magnificent Solo Sunny by Konrad Wolf and Wolfgang Kohlhaase, the odyssey of a worker dreaming of a singer career to escape her condition, this program offers a political and social radiography of East Germany and its transformations. 

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Put to the test

Cléo - Time to live

Every year, Entrevues welcomes 400 secondary school students from all around France to participate in workshops and to follow a programme based around the main film in the curriculum of the Cinema Major for the French Baccalaureate. This year will be dedicated to Agnes Varda’s Cleo from 5 to 7.

A program focused on a selection of Varda's films and a serie of contemporary films from Cleo which explore the aspirations of a new generation, women’s emancipation and the Algerian War's consequences.

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Special Events

Previews & Special screenings 2019

A selection of previews, special screenings, ciné-concert, films in VR

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The Festival for Kids

Entrevues Junior: Adventure!

November 17th, a day entirely dedicated to children: "Les Petites Entrevues". And during the festival, screenings for all ages on Wednesday 20th and Sunday 24th November.

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