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Cine concert : the 120th Cinema anniversary

Ciné-concert : les 120 ans du cinéma


"Charlot at the Music-Hall and other incredible shows"


LE MARCHAND D'IMAGES by Gaston Velle (1910, 10 min)
music by Sofiane Messabih

CENDRILLON by Georges Méliès (1899, 5 min)
music by Alexandre Thomas

LA CAMERA MAGIQUE Vitagraph production (1905, 3 min)
music by Jean-Stanislas Godfrin

A NIGHT IN THE SHOW by Charles Chaplin (1915, 23 min)
music by Françoise Cointot, Alexandre Thomas, Sofiane Messabih, Paul Boissieux, Jean-Stanislas Godfrin and Valentin Cointot

The performers:

Laurine Mollard and Clotilde Robert, flutes
François Siedel, oboe and and cor anglais
Camille Mauduit, clarinet
Jean-Stanislas Godfrin, bassoon
Boris Voinier, horn
Simon Thiery, trumpet
Clément Ringaut, percussion
Eleusis Rakotoniaina, piano
Margaux Rouzeau et Romain Cacioli, violins
Isabelle de Armengol, viola
Valentin Cointot, cello
Martin Bos, accordion

Paul Boissieux, Direction

all audience

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