International Competition : Feature films 2017

Playing Men

Matjaz Ivanisin

Slovenia / Croatia

Given the title, it is not surprising that Playing Men is both playful and masculine. Matjaz Ivanisin initially deploys an entertaining inventory of unique games; among them, a kind of battle in which bodies are perfectly oiled, tossing heavy round cheese down steep streets, and manual jousting matches that are as mathematical as they are vocal. But the director suddenly plunges his film into crisis. Thus, like in a tennis match, a new and uncertain set begins, which ends up touching an even more profound and apt nerve. Firstly, with the idea that games should be taken seriously, especially when they constitute historic events; and secondly, that this research is a return to the origins, to the dreams of little boys. (Arnaud Hée)

Matjaz Ivanisin is a writer and director. He studied at the Slovene National Film School, and has been graduated in 2007.
SF :
Che Sara (2002), Quick View (2005), Šentilj - Spielfeld, a Border Crossing (2009), Karpotrotter (2013), Little Houses (2014),
FF : Every Good Story is a Love Story (2017)

Matjaz Ivanisin
Gregor Bozic
Ivan Antic, Borna Buljevic
Matic Drakulic
Marina Gumzi (Nosorogi ), Vanja Jambrovic et Tibor Keser (Restart)

Marina Gumzi (Nosorogi)


2017 Competition