Selection : International Feature Films 2018

Classical Period

Ted Fendt

United States
Grand Prix Janine Bazin for Best Feature

Classical Period is a portrait of Cal and his friends in Philadelphia. They meet and have long conversations about books, poetry, music, and architecture, most notably Henry Longfellow’s 1864 translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy . Filmed in rich, grainy 16mm color, the film forefronts character and portraiture.

After Short Stay, screened in Belfort in 2016, Ted Fendt has kept on developing a singular and fragile cinema with Classical Period, which grants him a special position in the "young American cinema". This film manages a surprising balance between the "matter" used - the reality so precisely documented, these Philadelphie streets, living rooms and librairies, the bodies and languages of these atypical characters, the light and grain of the 16mm film - and the "spirit" epitomised by the words of Dante's Divine Comedy which are discussed passionately by a group of friends. In this scholarly buddy movie, the relationship between Cal and Evelyn reminds us that the others remains the biggest mystery, and that the Classical Period is actually our present. (Laurence Reymond)

Calvin Engime, Christopher Stump, Evelyn Emile, Michael Carwile, Sam Ritterman
Ted Fendt
Sage Einarsen
Sean Dunn
Ted Fendt
Ted Fendt, Graham Swon, Britni West

Graham Swon 

Ted Fendt makes analog films with non-professional casts screened in international festivals. He works as projectionist at the Film Society of the Lincoln Center and the Anthology Film Archive. He has edited a volume on Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet. LM/FF : Short Stay (Entrevues 2016) CM/SF : Broken Specs (Entrevues 2012), Travel Plans (2013), Going Out (2015)


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