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Film catastrophe

Paul Grivas

André S. Labarthe Award

Early 2010 Jean Luc Godard shots Film Socialisme incognito aboard the Concordia cruise ship. Thee years later the same ship wrecks in the Mediterranean sea.
Film catastrophe investigates the case.

With Film Catastrophe, Paul Grivas brings together three different films: a portrait of Jean-Luc Godard as a creating artist, a hilarious cruise comedy and a chilling essay on the Western world's fall, with the Costa Concordia as one of its first gravestone. What is most striking here is the scale difference, as JLG directs only one or two actors, with a minimal crew, often filming himself, in this enormous floating resort which limits and rims are constantly shifting. A gesture, a few words, how difficult it can be to make them sound right, a motion. This is not a hagiography but a try to get as close as possible to a fragile and artisanal creation, deeply human, always a few seconds away to burst out into an accident or a laughter. (Victor Bournérias)

Eric Rey
Thierry Machuel, Betty Olivero, Patti Smith, Guia Kantcheli
Paul Grivas, Mathilde Michel
Petit à petit production, Julien Donada, Rebecca Houzel

Eurocks One+One award

Petit à Petit Production
Rebecca Houzel

Paul Grivas is a director and production coordinator from Mexico City. Between 2008 and 2011, he worked in the production team of Jean-Luc Godard's Film Socialisme. CM/SF : Angahuan (2006), La Multiplicité des possibles (2006)



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